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Our Pregnancy Guide
This is a complete web-based version of the handbook given to all of Dr. Jick and Dr. Chang's new OB patients. New information has been added. This guide is an excellent resource for anyone who is pregnant, covering from the first OB visit to postpartum instructions, breast feeding, and everything in between.

Epidurals: Should I or Shouldn't I?
I love talking to patients about labor epidurals! There is so much myth, superstition, fear, misinformation and drama regarding this topic that a brief discussion can provide a great deal of educational benefit to my patients.

Morning Sickness
Why do pregnant women get morning sickness? It seems counter-intuitive, or is it? Read more to learn different ways to try and minimize the symptoms of this paradoxical condition.

Your Multiple Gestation Pregnancy
Learn how we manage our twins and triplets. Dr. Jick has delivered over 225 sets of twins so far.

Ob - The Lighter Side
Sometimes, you just gotta smile! :)

Postpartum Depression
Learn the difference between postpartum blues and postpartum depression. Take the Edinburgh quiz. Resource links provided also.

Pregnancy and the Flu
Learn about flu symptoms and preservative-free flu vaccine for pregnant women.

Pregnant During The Summer Months
Pregnant women do not feel well when it's hot. Here's advice for how to feel your best during the hot months of summer, coming up soon!

The AFP "Fire Alarm"
Why do we call this test the "fire alarm?" The afp test can help diagnose potentially serious conditions while still early in pregnancy.

Homemade Oil May Help Prevent Stretch Marks
There are many products that claim to be able to prevent and/or minimize stretch marks. Here's one more, homemade!

The Tupler Technique
These exercise might help to reduce the postpartum "mummy tummy." (pdf article)

Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy
What is toxoplasmosis (we call it "toxo")? Can it be prevented? How?

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