Gynecology Articles

Birth Control Pills: Extended Dosing
Learn how to take the pill to change when you have your period, delay it, or postpone it for months, safely!

Bone Density Testing for Osteoporosis
Learn about this quick, safe and painless test for bone density.

Breast cancer - Risk Assessment
Who is at increased risk for breast cancer? What can you do to lower your risk? Read here to find out.

The Fertile Window
When during the cycle are you most fertile. Read about your "window of opportunity!"

New Treatment for Heavy Periods
Learn about a safe outpatient minor surgical procedure that can reduce or eliminate menstrual bleeding forever.

Manage your Medications
Useful advice for yourself, or perhaps a parent or loved one who takes lots of different medications. This can save a life.

Natural Hormones
What is the definition of a natural hormone? What about bio-identical hormones?

What is peri-menopause and what can we do to minimize the hormonal roller-coaster?

Planning for Pregnancy
If you plan ahead for a one-week vacation, you certainly should plan ahead before getting pregnant!

Vaginal Dryness
A common problem. Here is some useful advice.

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